The music and culture of the United States and South Africa will intertwine harmoniously when the music director and conductor of the Newark Boys Chorus travels to Botswana on behalf of the United.

Gwen Moten Pinto has been chosen by the United States Information Agency (U.S.I.A), as the Arts America Cultural Specialist representing the United States at the Ramatea-Kanye Center Botswana Music Camp in Gaborone-Botswana, southern Africa.

The Arts America Program, an office of the United States Information Agency’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administers programs designed to demonstrate quality of the visual and performing arts in the United States.  Cultural specialist in this program spend two to six weeks in one country working with foreign colleagues.  Among other activities, they may conduct workshop or master classes, direct a play, rehearse a ballet, or advise on arts management.  Ms. Moten, the only American asked to participate in the camp, will serve as choir director’.

Ms. Moten worked with 30 students, ranging in age from teenagers to the middle-aged, at the camp and teach them a “variety of musical idioms representative of America, such as folk and concert music, spirituals and its many forms-gospel, jazz, pop, and freedom songs from the civil rights movement.  I especially want to find out how music in South Africa has developed during apartheid and see how it relates to the music of the civil rights movement here,” the music director/conductor stressed.

Choral conductor trip to aid global harmony ... by Michele Howe -(excerpt from Star Ledger - Dec 1993) AMERICAN CULTURAL SPECIALIST

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