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May 23, 2009                                     © 2010 W.S. Hughes

A well known writer, A. Peter challenged me to try to fulfill my dreams of becoming a professional singer in New York.  His words that stayed with me were “If you don’t try you will always wonder in mind what if...”

I knew he was right.  A few months later I applied, as a student, to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, was accepted, and moved to New York City” says Gwen Moten.

Welcoming new opportunities with an open heart and spirit has taken Ms. Moten to phenomenal places.   

“I came from Birmingham Alabama,” a historic place, “to the White House” she says.

Gwen Moten is Legendary.  Her distinguished performing and vocal training career spans from Broadway performer to college instructor and from  concert artist to choral trainer throughout the United States and five continents.  She is an accomplished producer, music copyist and transcriber.

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GFA celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with an assembly that include music from the students and a talk From Birmingham to Botswana, by visiting guest Ms. Gwen Moten.

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