MUSIC         SERVICE THEATRE WORLD “Objectives for the Arts and Music Camp”

Help fill the void of under–funded and abandoned fine and performing arts curriculums for the target population of 6 to 14 year old students in the public school system.

Promote academic excellence through to the use of multi-educational concepts “Plant seeds”  that prepare  students to pursue the arts at any public or  private performance training venues and to consider higher education at colleges and universities throughout the country

Provide an exciting and creative environment to help the student discover and explore who they are and what they can become.


The Summer Arts and Music Camp program is built upon the premise that Art is a universal language “spoken and understood since the beginnings of time” by people from densely populated urban cities to remote, undeveloped societies.  “Art education” is a life-long process of observing, accessing and participation in the on-going creation of living arts experiences.  From this standpoint, everyone has talent that has been expressed, talent that is waiting to be discovered and shared with an expectant world.


The mission of the Summer Arts and Music Camp is to enrich the quality of life of students through a creative, culturally diverse program that provides academic instruction in the fine and performing arts.  Students will be encouraged to develop creative and critical thinking skills by exploring, appreciating and learning about the various disciplines of the fine and performing arts.

Mission Curriculum ...
“Art & Music Camp Program”


Provide wider acceptance of art forms, music and  culture toward the goal of preparing students to become creative, responsible and productive citizens; Provide materials and instruction specifically appropriate to the age, interest, cultural heritages and learning styles of the students; Present a safe and supportive environment in which students are encouraged to observe and engage in the process of discovering, expressing, and sharing their artistic creativity.

The purpose of the Summer Arts and Music  is to offer children an opportunity to participate in a broad-based arts program for six weeks of the summer vacation. This program has been designed to: Help foster serious and mature attitudes towards academic, musical and artistic studies.

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